Jeremy M. Deck 

Managing Broker / Owner. Deck has been in the financial and insurance industry since 1999. He has been an agent since 2011. Deck resides in Hoopeston, IL with his family. 

​Moving into a new home creates a lifelong memory. Whether it was your childhood home, your first dorm or apartment at college, the first home you purchased on your own, or the first home you purchased with your spouse. No matter what stage of life you are in, you will never forget what it feels like to make each house you live in feel like a home.

At Deck Realty Group, I understand the importance of finding just the right place that you can call home. I work together one on one with my clients to understand their needs and overall goals. From there I help them navigate through the home buying or selling process from start to end. I am a local agent that is familiar with our rural communities as well as our local resources. I specialize in helping you find the right lender based on your needs, as well as guiding you through the inspection process. I also a local and licensed insurance agent as well. Having an experienced agent helps to make sure that your entire transaction runs smoothly.

I work tirelessly for my clients. I want you to know that I am committed to helping you find the right home or selling yours. Real estate is not a job to me, this is a passion. I love helping people fulfill their dreams.


Who We are

We're looking to expand our pool of talent. We want passionate, dedicated, affable people who love working with our clients to make their home-owning dreams a reality. Making that deep connection with your clients is something few jobs can offer.


For your expertise, we offer:


  • Competitive compensation splits
  • Ability to make your own hours
  • Ability to learn from the best in the business
  • Unlimited potential
  • Work from home

Deck Realty Group is also a dynamic workplace when you're not showing our clients excellent properties. We urge you to come check us out – you'll be surprised by how un-like other offices we really are.


We also are interested in experienced agents. If your Managing broker "is out of touch" give Jeremy Deck a call. 

Agent opportunities


Broker Kristy  joined the Deck Realty group firm in 2016 and resides in Hoopeston with her family.

Deck Realty Group Agents


Broker Will joined the Deck Realty Group firm in 2019 and resides in Georgetown, IL with his family.


Broker- Jason joined the Deck Realty Group in 2014.  He resides in Rossville, IL with his wife Lisa and 2 children. 


Broker Megan joined the Deck Realty Group firm in 2019 as a Broker. She resides in Hoopeston, IL with her family.

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Jeremy Deck  Managing Broker / Owner 

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